Monday, December 31, 2012

3 Things You MUST DO IMMEDIATELY to Start Living the Free-Spirited Lifestyle

Fully living a free-spirited lifestyle will take time because change doesn’t happen over night, but there are small steps you can take to begin the change process. Just do these 3 things to initiate the process of transforming your life from being normal or ordinary to being the ultimate free spirit.
1.   Fear little
This is essential. You can’t live life with the fear of the unknown. You can’t sit on the sidelines of life because you’re too afraid you’re going to lose.
All you have in this world are your experiences; the experiences you share with other people and experiences life gives you, good or bad. To get the full benefit from these experiences, you can’t worry over the outcome; you need to be open to receive whatever outcome life gives us.
2.   Don’t worry about other people
It really bothers me when I see my friends or family bothered by what other people think of them. That shows a considerable amount of weakness, and living the free-spirited lifestyle takes a lot of courage and strength.
People, over the years, have told me that I’m weird, intense, goofy, too nice, strange, aggressive, mean, ambitious, and annoying. I’ve heard it all. Trust me, I heard it ALL. Their words did bother me, a lot, and it caused me to be very insecure and miserable. Now that I’m certain of who I am and certain of the type of experiences I want in my life, I don’t allow other people’s judgments or criticisms to concern me. I have no desire to change myself to fit in with other people or society. It’s just not my business to know what other people think of me.
 3.   Allow yourself to be happy
People have a hard time simply being happy. They need money, things or people to make themselves happy. Then there are other people that can’t be happy no matter how many good things are in their lives because they are too consumed and angry at the things that are not going the way they hoped.
I learned two things about happiness. 1. It’s not based on conditions or any future expectations, and 2. Being happy is a choice we make.
You’re happiness is now, but only if you want it. I can guarantee that your happiness is not somewhere in the future. If you think having a child, buying a house, finding a man that loves you will make you happy, then you will be sadly disappointed.

Inside Out is more than an e-course; it's a way of life.

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