Sunday, September 26, 2010

Brilliant People!

Brilliant People!


After 14 years of coaching and training people to live their potential and brilliance, we can truly say that everyone has brilliance within them.  Celebrate with us the brilliance evident in the videos below and then watch the video with Soleira talking about fulfilling potential to see how to realise potential in others.

Celebrating Personal Brilliance!

Seeing Potential in Everyonewith Soleira Green, one of the co-creators of 
the Global Brilliance Project.

Unleashing Brilliance ... Your own & others

1.  Believe you are brilliant and tell yourself over and over, every single day, just how brilliant you are.  Believing it is 99% of the way to unleashing it.  In fact, faking it till you make it is even a super option here!

2.  Do something brilliant every single day.  Take a moment and see what you're really passionate about right now.  What do you have energy for in this moment?  Now, connect to the pulsing, living, thriving field of brilliance all around you and ask 'What's one idea I can do about this now that will shine with brillilance?'  Then whatever you get, play with that for at least 5 minutes today, or even all day if you're super inspired!

3.  See the brilliance in someone else and acknowledge that to them today.  Unleashing it in others helps you to unleash it in yourself.

4.  Get yourself a brilliance coach (see below for some of ours) and/or find a brillliance buddy who really gets who you are and who will help to stir the fires of brilliance within you.

Brilliance Coaches


We've got fabulously trained Brilliance Coaches all over the world, trained by the Visionary Network.  Here are a few of our Brilliance Coaches listed here, having a fabulous fun time at one of our recent visionary events.

Soleira & Santari Green Dorothy West Eckes 
Judi Richardson
Eva Lisborg
Joanna Brill
Manisha Dahad
Andriana Natterer 
Tanya Sheikh 
Nancy Serpless
Lise Helman-Andersen & Katja Alslev Vauk

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