Friday, October 1, 2010

How To Create a Soothing Home Office Environment

Stress is almost inevitable especially if there is a little diversity to your job. Add to that stress the almost 11 hours that most people spend for work. There’s no surprise to the increasing number of professionals who choose to work at home. This can be less stressful and best of all, you can control how relaxing and soothing your home office environment can be.

Interestingly, transforming your home office to be a soothing work environment is easy and can be cheap. Just follow the tips below and you’ll experience the relaxing effect in no time:
  • Paint tranquility. Colors are used in psychology and these affect our mood. For instance, green, red, and orange increase the appetite while blue, violet, and black decrease the appetite. Paint your home office with the colors of sky, forest, and sea. Cool blues, light greens, green, moss green, butter yellow, and light brown are all relaxing.
  • Hang something soothing. If you can’t afford to buy paint or you don’t have time to paint, hanging something soothing is a fast alternative. A poster or painting of the sea, sunset and forest can always remind you of these soothing places.
  • Add elements of nature inside the home office. Plants will not only make your office more visually attractive. Plants can neutralize and cleanse the air you breathe. Fresh flowers are great for a soothing home office, too. Stones, seashells, bamboos, driftwood and sculpture can give relieving effects on your mood and the entire office environment.
  • Play relaxing music. Music affects the mood, too. A lot of studies were done to know if listening to music has an effect to productivity—and it has. Use music to turn your office into a soothing environment. Play soft and smooth music, preferably those with sounds of nature like the breeze, birds, rain, water, and waves.
  • Add a small water fountain in the office. Instead of playing music with flowing water sound, better add a water fountain in your office. Water fountains come in different sizes and there sure is something that is only big enough for your office. The sound of flowing water promotes relaxation also. The fountain adds a very interesting design for the home office, as well.
  • Make it smell good. Fresh flowers can be sweet smelling enough. But you can also choose to have air freshener in a can or spray. Scented candles are better alternatives, though. Besides the nice smell, scented candles promote warmth in the home office. An oil burner is also a natural way to make your office smelling good. Aromatic therapy is good for you, too. According to researchers, scents of lavender and citrus are the most soothing. These scents, along with lemon and jasmine, improve productivity also.
  • Keep the office simple and clean. The more clutter your home office has, the more stressful it can be. Clearing the clutter and keeping the office clean and simple will make it less stressful. Consider getting a new organizer where you can keep all of the clutters away from sight. Have a regular cleaning in your office as well and don’t forget to throw away all the things that you don’t need anymore.

After creating a soothing home office environment, take better care of yourself, too. Replace your chair with an ergonomic chair and have a complete body massage therapy. The soothing effect will never be complete if you still feel stressed.

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