Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mind Blowing Ideas

Mind Blowing Ideas—every time you need one.
A global recession, the economy slowing, money getting harder to find. What a time to be in business!
The challenge is not only to be in business but to grow your business. There are opportunities to grow even in a market like today’s. The secret is to know where to look.
Most businesses do not look. They are too concerned with such things as cost cutting, risk minimisation and protecting their customer base.
All of which are good and need to be done.
Where do you look for opportunities to grow your business?
This workshop shows you where to look and how to look. It gives you an opportunity to look at your business in a new and different way. It shows you how to use the IDEA process , the 12 mind blowing techniques and Whole Brain® Thinking and helps everyday people have extraordinary ideas.

The IDEA Process™

A complete process of anticipating a need, grabbing an opportunity, having and developing ideas right through to successfully implementing them.


Anticipating the future, being one step ahead of the market, solving small problems before they become big problems, creating new opportunities, out-thinking the competition, designing innovative products, being ahead of the game, being first, setting the pace, creating the future, vision and purpose.


Dealing with the right issue, at the right level, having many points of view, having lots of problems to work on, being spot on, dealing with the cause, setting yourself up for creative solutions, having many yet different descriptions of problems and opportunities, seeing problems positively.


Having lots of ideas, solutions and perspectives, listening to intuition and insight, building ideas on ideas, selecting interesting ideas, keeping all your thoughts together, brain-storming, day dreaming and making connections.


Keeping the energy going, overcoming barriers, gaining commitment, implementing ideas, taking innovation to market, managing the idea to completion, making it happen.

The 12 mind blowing techniques™

This program teaches 12 mind blowing creative thinking techniques. Used in the correct sequence, these techniques build on each other, ensuring that the full power of the brain’s creative thinking skills are utilised when they are most needed.

The Initiating techniques

The Time Machine:
Finding ideas by thinking about the future
The Anticipator:
Second guessing the future, being proactive, being ahead of the game, anticipating events ... and being prepared

The Defining techniques

The Hammer:
Breaking things down into manageable chunks
The Generator:
Looking at and defining problems and opportunities from more than one perspective
The Climber:
Dealing with issues at the best level

The Exploring techniques

The Shaker:
Shaking things up and seeing what falls out
The Employer:
Using the way other people see things to generate ideas
The Creator:
Using check lists to make sure you have thought of everything

The Acting techniques

The Selector:
Going with the best ideas
The Improver:
Turning good ideas into great ones
The Planner:
Deciding what to do with your ideas
The Implementer:
Making sure things happen

Workshop Details 

Who should attend

Mind Blowing Ideas is for business managers and executives who need to:
  • create new opportunities
  • out-think the competition
  • get ahead in the new game.


At the end of the workshop, participants will:
  • know all about ideas, where to find them and how they behave
  • be highly skilled at ‘making connections’ and coming up with ‘mind blowing ideas’
  • be skilled at using all 4 stages of the IDEA Process™
  • be skilled at using any of the 12 mind blowing techniques™
  • know the different types of ‘thinking’ required to have important mind blowing ideas
  • know how to assemble and facilitate teams of people capable of having mind blowing ideas.

Take away materials

Everyone will leave the workshop with:
  • the comprehensive Mind Blowing Ideas participant manual
  • the 12 techniques to use back at work
  • The Idea Process™ template and techniques for ongoing use
  • at least one mind blowing idea thought through and ready to roll
  • their own HBDI Profile and reference package
  • their group or team thinking profile.

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