Friday, May 4, 2012

How to Create Your Own Unique Living Room

If you like everything that stands out and tired of classic and traditional decor of your living room it’s time to learn how to create your own unique living room designUnique living room decor is always a result of experimentation but it doesn’t mean you should not think it all out. Experimenting without really planning out the whole design thing can be risky and expensive, so the first rule is to figure out what you like. How do you imagine your living room? Start with style and color scheme. Will it be a blend of styles and how many colors and shades as well as neutrals will be there?
How to Create Your Own Unique Living Room
These are all important questions, but also do not forget about a budget. Planning decor along with the budget will help you avoid unpleasant surprises. Unique living room usually challenges the traditional color scheme, interior design and even planning. So if you want something unusual challenging the traditional square or rectangular form of the room is the easiest and the hardest thing to do. It’s easy in terms of adding an instant unique look to the room and it’s hard because it’s time- and money-consuming.
How to Create Your Own Unique Living Room
This is a snail-shaped room that lack conventional angles and provides a unique look completed with colored glass.
Another way to make your living room stand out is to use unusual furniture, finishing and accessories. Unique wallpaper, quirky chairs and sofa or creative lighting can all add a special feel to your living room decor.
How to Create Your Own Unique Living Room
The overall design of this living room is pretty simple. White color scheme contrasts greatly with red flower-shaped chairs and black unusual chairs at the background. The decor is completed with two photographs of flowers that remind of the chairs.
How to Create Your Own Unique Living Room
Unusual and creative furniture can also give you an idea of your overall living room interior
design prompting the color scheme and overall feel and atmosphere of the room. Would it be stone cold? Or duplicating some natural scene? Let your fantasy fly.
How to Create Your Own Unique Living Room
If you want minor changes to your room planning a column will add a lot to your room design-wise as well as in terms of style. Ornament columns or column-shaped fireplaces are simply great at altering your room’s decor.
How to Create Your Own Unique Living Room
Don’t be afraid of lots of color. It can make your room look really unique if you blend in the right shades and play with contrasts and add minimum neutrals. It will be jazzy, energetic but if it’s suits you then why not?
How to Create Your Own Unique Living Room
Fancy decorated or unfinished walls is your call but either way the decor should be pulled off to its logical ‘finished’ end. Which means that if you decided to go with unfinished walls think about most stylish materials that go with the unclean industrial look of your walls. And on the contrary if you decorated your walls with fancy wallpaper keep the rest in “tune” with the polished look of the walls.
How to Create Your Own Unique Living Room
How do you create a unique room decor at your home?
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