Friday, May 4, 2012

What Type of Spiritual Person are You?

So, “What exactly is your spirit?” you ask. Well it is the part of your soul which holds your consciousness. So “What is your soul?” Well your soul is also known as your higher self and is made up of all that you have learnt in your life up to this point. Your personality comes from your soul – it is what has made you into the person you are today. Your soul is continuing to evolve.
The interesting thing to ask, especially with regard to business and career, is what kind of spiritual person are you? The answer to this question is imperative for it will dictate any relations you will have whether in interviews, negotiations or business deals.
There are four types of spiritual people in the world. These are based on how one views and sees the world. 
The first one is probably the most famous – the clairvoyant person. And no, this is not some strange Gypsy woman hanging out in her caravan with a crystal ball! Clairvoyants are people who see the world in a very visual way. Their thoughts and ideas are normally done in pictures whether it is mentally or physically. These people are normally very artistic and creative, and like things arranged a certain way. They are quite into how they and their partners look.
The second are known as clairsentient people. These are people who interact with the world through their feelings and are normally highly sensitive. They rely very much on their gut feels when making decisions. More then likely they confuse other people’s feelings for their own and normally attract people in need of help to them. When they are feeling good they know they are on the right path and vice versa.
The third are known as claircognizant. These are normally highly intelligent and intellectual people who like to have all the facts before they make a decision. They can sometimes be affectionately described as “know-it-alls” and generally don’t like small talk. They assume everyone knows as much as they do and are normally sceptical about everything they read about spirituality including this very article – hello to you.
The fourth and final group are known as clairaudient people. They are normally very sensitive to sound and noise. They interact with the world through the spoken word. When you think in your mind it is normally in words and sentences. People who question themselves a lot are more then likely clairaudience. You will normally have a photographic memory of conversations you have especially those with your partner – store those ones away you may need them for your arsenal for arguments later on.
So why on earth is this information useful? Well if one was to put this into context, picture this if you will (especially you clairvoyant people) – a normal job interview between you and four different interviewers. The first interviewer is clairvoyant and will pay very close attention to the way you look, and will base his/her opinion solely on this fact, especially considering the fact that you decided not to shave and wore green pants with a pink tie. The second, a clairsentient person will pay attention to the mood and energy you exude in making his decision. The third, a claircognisant person will pay attention to how much experience you have and the ideas and thoughts you bring to the table. The fourth, a clairaudient person will pay attention to the words you say and how you say them, say the wrong thing at the wrong time with this guy and you’re a goner!
Knowing what kind of spiritual person we are will help us in getting in touch with our soul, as well as the people around us, because you will now know what type they are. Using your knowledge of spiritual types could well be the greatest business lesson you will ever learn.

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