Friday, May 4, 2012

What Kind Of Person Are You Anyways?

No Realy, What Kind Of Person Are you?
 Have you ever asked yourself this question? Have you ever honestly stepped back and wondered what type of person you are? Now I don’t mean just saying “yea, I’m a good person. I try to live by my standards and morals that I was raised with.”
I have worked with all kinds of people and to be honest I have been all those types of people at somepoint in my life. You know the ones I mean. The “negative Nah-Sayers”, The “world owes me something” types, The “well if only I had” types.
I can look back at every stage of my life and actually do so on a regular basis now. The past couple of months I’ve had a shift in the way of my thoughts, actions and reactions in several areas of my life. I have stepped backed and looked at myself through the eyes of others. No, I haven’t had an out of body experience, That would be cool wouldn’t it? I have just been able to asses every different situation that has caused me to react in one way or another. Positive or Negative.
Are you the type of person that others love to be around? Are you the type of person that others frequently come to for advice? Are you the type of person that others come to you and ask you random questions because they believe you have some type of knowledge or at least have some thought provoking ideas toward the subject? When you are hanging out with friends and are deciding what to do for the weekend do they look to you for your approval or final thoughts?
After a few conversations with my girlfriend (it’s not easy asking her if I’m a leader) It’s also not easy for her to say yes. Anyways, we had several conversations after I read the following book Magnetic Sponsoring It got me thinking and was the start to the new journey that I am on now. So head on over check it out and get some free training as well.
Tomorrow I we will get more in-depth on what type of person you are. We will dive into weather you’re Proactive or Reactive and decide weather you create your daily circumstances or you let them create who you are. As always please feel free to Comment, and share this post and all others. Till tomorrow.
All The Best,
Michael Betz

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