Sunday, October 7, 2012

Live Simple, to reduce the clutter in your life

John December publishes an ebook on his web site called Live Simple on simplying your life. John suggests that to simply the life, one has to handle their stuff wisely, optimize their home and improve their life routine. One of the best things for this ebook is that it has a lot of very pracicial examples and tactic on how to simply some daily problems. For example:
TACTIC: Rethink your choice of owning structures that hold items; for example: shelves, dressers, or free-standing wardrobes or storage units.
On a room by room basis in your home, list those items which are merely structure. What is in those structures? By purging the contents, you can free up an enormous amount of space in your home because you can then get rid of the structures.
Here are some good chapters from the book:

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