Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What You Think of Me

What you think of me is none of my business! Also, what other people think of you is none of your business. For some people, this is a hard concept to accept — that what other people think of them is really none of their business.
Some people want to control what other people think in all ways and some people are really bothered if someone else thinks badly about them. Well, guess what? What other people think about anything, regardless, are their own thoughts and they are completely out of the realm of your control and sometimes even influence.
Once you accept the fact that your thoughts are yours and other people’s thoughts are their’s, then a psychological weight will lift off of your mind. What other people think of you is most likely based on personal prejudices and/or other biased beliefs, some of which can be completely wrong. Why waste your time trying to change what other people think of you? Increasing your self-confidence will help alleviate concern for what other people think, and it will free your mind up for more important things.
If someone makes their thoughts public about you, is it worth your time and effort to correct their assumptions or statements of fact? If  you get to the point where other people’s opinions of you do not bother you, then more than likely you will not bother trying to rectify the errors and you will address anyone else’s concern if it even comes up.
Everyone is free to think whatever they want — good or bad! You are free to have negative thoughts and opinions of other people too. Once you move beyond wanting to control what other people think of you, the easier your life will become.

Community : Change is all around you

I wonder if you can feel the change that is happening in the world. I don't mean have you read it or if you hear people talking about it, I mean do you actually feel it in your bones, in your conscious waking hours and your subconscious thinking hours? It is a good change and I am very excited about it. I could feel it starting to happen twelve years ago. I could sense that the material needs of people were being slowly overtaken by their need to belong, to care about and support others. It was certainly less visible than it is now, but it was there all the same. I am very positive about the change. Prosperity, wealth, growth and success still exist and are important, but can be achieved in a way we can all be part of. We are learning that being liked and trusted is critical to our survival and the more that people can trust us the greater the rewards. One by one people are creating and making the change. When this spreads and people en masse start to absorb the changing philosophies, then we will see a change that, as James Redfield says "has been the goal of history all along".

Action without vision is only a way of passing the time
Vision without action is only a dream
Vision with action can change the world - Joel A. Barker

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